Structures which are no longer in use (click on photo or link for full slide show of each structure):

Aspen Design Conference 1975 #AspenColorado #AspenDesignConference #Aspen #Colorado #CurvedSpaceDiamondStructure Aspen International Design Conference, 1975

Aspen, CO

1975 Brooklyn Children’s Museum Brooklyn Children’s Museum, 1975

New York, NY

1978 Sweetwater Park Sweetwater Park, 1978

Chula Vista, CA

1978 Mason Park Mason Park, 1978

Irvine, CA

 1978 & 1993 Hakone Open Air Museum  Hakone Open Air Museum, 1978 & 1993

Hokone, Japan

 1979 Stevenson Park  Stevenson Park, 1979

Carson, CA

 1980 EPCOT Center  Epcot Center, 1980

Orlando, FL

 1980 Chinatown  Chinatown, 1980

San Francisco, CA

 1981 Friendship Park  Friendship Park, 1981

San Pedro, CA

 2011 Hakone Open Air Museum
Hakone Open Air Museum, 2011

Hakone, Japan

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