4. Mapping Study

For a sense of scale, remember that a diamond crystal large enough that you could see it with the naked eye would be assembled from approximately 50 million carbon atoms.

There is another way to visualize the relationship between the ball and spoke model of the diamond structure and the continuous surface of the filleted tunnel labyrinth, which is to say the Curved Space Diamond Structure.

This image shows the labyrinth geometry mapped directly by the ball and spoke model of the diamond structure. Here we see this relationship for the diamond unit cell.

at_01a Composit NETWORK bt-01b Composit NETWORK

Here we see the ball and spoke model assembly of eight unit cells.
c-08a Composit NETWORK
The image below shows the ball and spoke model mapping the geometry of the diamond labyrinth comprised of eight unit cells. The ball and spoke model floats within the labyrinth.
d-08b Composit NETWORK
The diamond labyrinth of eight unit cells without the ball and spoke model.
e-08c Composit NETWORK