Geometry and Natural Structure
The Peter Jon Pearce designed Curved Space Structure is derived from a comprehensive study of structure in nature, with a special interest in the geometry of atomic assemblies in crystals, and patterns found in biomorphic form. This study was pursued with an aim of understanding the unity of formative principles exhibited by natural structure through spatial geometry. Nature universally manifests a principle of least energy, where form can be considered a diagram of forces.

In a very special way, the Curved Space Structure represents a 16 billion times enlargement of the diamond crystal, enabling children (and adults) to have an immersive experience with its spatial geometry. Not only that, the details of the construction methods of this structural assembly lay forth a panoply of natural patterns including curved and minimal surfaces, tessellations, polygonal geometries, applications of material science and technology

_Ball Steps_08-R- 6h x 8w at 1200 dpi

b_Nwork of Ball Steps 01 a 1. Ball & Spoke Study
b_Spoke Steps_08R 2. Spoke Expansion Study
c_Ball Steps_18-R- 6h x 8w at 1200 dpi 3. Ball Expansions Study
bt-01b Composit NETWORK 4 Mapping Study
 5a_01c -- 00 Hex View SINGLE Spoke End_CUBE 5. Angle Pattern Study
 6b_FP-05  6. Connections to Nature
7g_Panel View 001  7. Construction Methodology
6h_FP-01 8. Natures Lessons
paper-people-background 9. Acknowledgements
 _Cube-Stack--Animate-Redueced-Size-Size Animation Studies